How long is a contract?   
We lease signs on terms between 1 - 6 months.

Is there any other cost?

Not typically. Our prices, for the most part, are turnkey. We include the initial production of standard artwork in all rates quoted. If you desire an additional print, that has an additional charge. Any assistance we provide in the layout process is for basic design work. We are not an ad agency and we do not pay for special designs or photo stock to put in your artwork.

 When designing a picture, what should I think about?
 - use 7-9 words in industry standard for highest readability on a sign.
 - Use colors that are opposite on the color wheel.
 - Stay away from script
 - Don not put copy over the top of pictures.
 - Make sure the use of pictures is a good return on investment.  The picture must be bright and clearly show the intent  of the advertisement.
 - Bold is better.
 - Focus on one aspect of your business per advertisement.

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